25 June 2012

Fun with finger foods

Hugo is not interested in being spoon fed by me at the moment! He will only eat if he can feed himself...
So this week it is my mission to come up with some interesting foods that he can eat with his fingers. Foods that are fun, have interesting textures and tastes too.
For lunch today,  Hugo had some tomato (one of his favorites), hard boiled egg, baked potato, cucumber, toasted baguette with Marmite and butter (another favorite) and a small pot of potato and sweetcorn mash.
I put the pot of sweetcorn mash on his plate, with a spoon so that he could 'feed' himself...

Hugo definitely has a lot of fun eating this way and it only works when I am relaxed, not in a rush and can accept the fact that half of what is on his plate is going to end up on the floor. I want Hugo to enjoy food - the taste, textures and whole eating experience - and this is a great way for him to do exactly that. At the end of the day, a little food on the floor is not going to hurt anyone! The cats don't seem to mind one bit! ;)

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