13 October 2012

So Good To Be Home

It's so good to be home, have I said that yet? There really is nothing quite like being in your own space, sleeping in your own bed, and being able to cook in your own kitchen.
Hugo is in his element, playing with his two cats, and reconnecting with his toys and his bedroom. 

Being back home also means that Hugo can get back to his usual mealtimes and eating habits. When we are away from home, mealtimes are always a bit of a problem and this last trip was no exception. The only things that Hugo was interested in eating while we were in France, were custard based desserts. Creme Anglaise, Creme Caramel, Creme Catalan... In the end I would cover his 'real' food with custard just to get him to eat something good. This seemed to do the trick and we got through a few interesting meal times, with him eating boeuf parmentier (cottage pie) or spaghetti and tomato sauce, covered in custard. Yuck, I know, but he didn't seem to mind...

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