14 November 2012

12 November 2012

The Sound Of Silence... A Good Indication Your Child Is Up To Something Bad

It has been one hell of a week in the WHHFL household!!!!
One evening last week,while I was at Spanish class. Hugo climbed into the washbasin in our bathroom and switched on the hot water tap. The hot water temperature was 70 degrees Celsius and he has 2nd degree burns on his foot and leg. Luckily, P (Hugo's Papa) reacted very quickly, phoned the pediatrician, and took all the necessary steps needed.
When I got home from my lessons an hour later, Hugo was in his pyjamas and playing, happily, with his toys as usual. It was only when P showed me his burns that I freaked out and had an emotional wobbly.
Hugo was absolutely fine and carried on as normal, hardly noticing the bandage on his foot. It was only when we took him to the pediatrician the next day and subsequently every 2 days after that, that we had any problem. Cleaning and dressing his burns was clearly excruciatingly painful for him, and it was so awful for us too, seeing him in such agony and having to hold him down while the nurse and the doctor attended to him.
After the 2nd visit, I was so distressed, I felt ill myself.
Thankfully, from the 3rd appointment, Hugo's wounds were much better and it was no longer so painful for him. It will take another two or three weeks before they are fully healed. By the end of this week, I will be able to give him a shower or a bath, the poor little guy hasn't been allowed near water, I've been wiping him down with a warm, soapy cloth.
We now have locks on all the bathroom doors and our hot water geyser has been turned down to 40 degrees Celsius. (a little too late)
If you have a toddler, please take the same necessary steps. What happened to Hugo could have been MUCH worse and we are so so thankful that he is safe. This has given us a terrible scare.