3 September 2012

Toddler Table Manners?

Hugo's food likes and dislikes change on an almost weekly basis. His meals are affected by all sorts of changes and disturbances that occur in his daily routine or that are going on his little body.

Although he is not what I would call a 'fussy eater', (the only food that I can say that he has tried and categorically does not like is peas, weirdly enough) he is not an easy eater. He is playful by nature and easily distracted, like his Papa, and therefore, even mealtimes are playtime for him. He loves to squish food between his fingers, to bang his spoons together or, on the table like a drum, and treats every meal like an adventure. Loads of fun for Hugo, not so much fun for Mummy! (Could be why his supper time requires a large glass of wine - for Mummy not Hugo!) 
My Mom (aka Hugo's Granny) says his table manners are appalling... I ask, how many 13 month old toddlers have good table manners? I prefer to think that, by letting Hugo have fun at the table, I am teaching him to enjoy his mealtimes and therefore to enjoy his food.
Let's hope that I won't  have a 13 year old teenager who still sits with his feet on the table and squishes his sandwiches between his fingers until the butter oozes out! Not so cute then...

He sure as hell keeps me on my toes! I am constantly looking for new ideas and ways to feed Hugo.

At the moment he has 2 very angry looking molars trying to make their way into his mouth. It's pretty understandable that he only wants to eat two kinds of food - that which he can bite down and chew on (like mini salami and dried mango) or soft and easy to eat foods (like soups and squishy bread, loaded with butter).  And so, it's been a few days of soups, smoothies and soft, squishy sarmies.
Hugo loves to drink anything out of a straw, so this week he's had cold butternut soup, gazpacho and leek and potato all in his Bunnykins mug with a straw. He has loads of fun, dipping toast or bread and butter into his soup and eating it. I on the other hand, end up having to fish mushy bread out of soup every two minutes... all part of the game...

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