13 September 2012

When All Else Fails... Custard Will Do The Trick

Hugo is feeling poorly (it's the 3 angry molars again)...
His hands are in his mouth constantly, he bites on anything, has a nasty nappy rash, a snotty nose and drool down his chin to rival a St.Bernard pup. 
And, as to be expected, zero appetite!

When I was a little girl, and feeling ill, the only thing that I could stomach was bovril on toast, (a meaty spread used to flavor stocks and sauces but commonly eaten on toast in South Africa ) or Marie Biscuits and Custard.
And so, for Hugo, it is the same. When he is feeling yuck and he doesn't want to eat anything, I resort to good old, comforting, Marie Biscuits and Custard . Just the way my lovely old nanny, Beauty aka 'Gogo' (Zulu for Granny) used to make it.
Good Old SA Marie's

Now here in Ibiza, we are lucky to have 'galletas Maria', the Spanish version of 'Marie Biscuits' (tea biscuits made with butter and vanilla).
When I am feeling lazy, or I am in a rush, I resort to Bird's Custard Powder (an import from the UK).
But, if I have the time, nothing beats a real traditional, Vanilla Custard, made from scratch.
Here are some recipes that I have found online, tried and tested -
Traditional Vanilla Custard 
Real Proper Custard 

Now, to make the fabulous 'Marie Biscuits and Custard' - break up some Marie biscuits and crumble into a dish. Pour the hot custard over the biscuits. Allow to stand for about 15 minutes and then serve. The hot custard will soften the biscuits... perfect, heart-warming, comfort food in minutes!
Hugo ate a huge bowl of it for his dinner! (yes, I admit, not the healthiest dinner... but, hey ho, he is unwell and I wanted to make my little chap happy and his tummy full).

The Spanish make a very similar version, called Natillas. The recipe that I found online, came with the description ''It is  recommended particularly for children and people who have no appetite, because  it is a delicious dish in taste.''  Touché!
Natillas con Galettas Maria

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