25 June 2012

Berry smoothie

Hugo, Hugo's Papa and I have all had a nasty virus. None of us have been particularly into our food this past week, a sure sign that we are all feeling pretty yucky.
Thankfully, all 3 of us are feeling healthier and happier today.
As I mentioned before, when Hugo is feeling poorly, he has very little interest in food, especially anything that needs to be spoon fed to him.

This morning, in a bid to get some good stuff into all our systems, I made us berry smoothies for breakfast. Hugo is desperate to drink from a cup, so I gave him some of his smoothie in a little plastic giraffe cup. The thick texture of the smoothie means that it doesn't  run out of the cup as fast as water or other liquids do. I fed the rest of the smoothie to Hugo with a spoon, as I would a normal fruit puree.

My Berry Smoothie
Frozen mixed berries
Natural yogurt
Apricot and Pear puree

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