8 June 2012

Oven baked Salmon with Oranges, Potato Mash and Peas

I am trying to introduce more fish into Hugo's diet... for a number of reasons - we live on an island so a lot of it's local,  it's fresh and readily available, its full of natural Omega goodness for optimum brain development, has an interesting texture for babies to discover and finally just because he seems to really enjoy it!

I first introduced Hugo to fish at about 8 months old, when I made him a yummy fish pie puree. More recently, he has taken to eating tit bits of fish off my plate, when we have it for our dinner.
Today I wanted to give him his first taste of salmon, one of my favorite fish. So I baked him a piece in an alu-foil pouch for his lunch. I flavored the fish with delicious Ibiza oranges, straight off the tree from the farm Atzaró, and added some Spanish olive oil and 2 cloves of garlic. I boiled some red-skinned potatoes and did a rough mash and some frozen peas as a side veg.

Ready to go into the oven
 Baked to perfection
 Yummy Yummy (carefully filleted to make sure no bones)

 Well he loved the salmon and the potato mash! I added the peas to see if he had changed his mind about them and would start to enjoy them but no such luck. Definitely not into peas, in any shape or form!
I still find the best way to feed Hugo his fish is by hand, in small mouthfuls, or by spoon mixed with some of the mash.

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  1. I actually can't wait to try this! For myself :) Looks delicious!