10 June 2012

Butternut squash risotto

Continuing on the theme of risottos, I made a  butternut squash risotto for Hugo's lunch today.
First I seasoned the butternut with some cinnamon and then baked it in the oven for about an hour, in a foil parcel.

Then I made a basic risotto, as I did a few days a go, but this time I used an organic vegetable stock cube, rather than the homemade chicken stock. I watered the veg stock down quite a bit so that it was quite weak, and not too salty, to suit Hugo's taste buds.
To begin the risotto, I gently sauteed some chopped onions in butter, until soft, then I added some fresh thyme and the arborio rice and let that simmer away for about a minute, before adding the first spoonful of stock... then I stirred until the stock was absorbed, then added another spoonful of stock, then stirred... and carried on in this fashion until the rice was ready - soft but still with a little bite to it - not squidgy!
Once the risotto was done, I added a generous amount of fresh parmesan and a knob of butter, together with about 2 spoonfuls of that lovely baked butternut squash. I stirred the butternut into the risotto, which gave it a gorgeous yellow color. I served the risotto into a bowl and added a couple more pieces of butternut and a few rocket leaves (Hugo loves to play with these more than he actually eats them).
Voila! Butternut squash risotto for babies!

Hugo really enjoyed this dish, which pleased me to no end... I gave him his own little plastic bowl with a couple of spoonfuls in it,and a plastic spoon, so that he could feed himself some of the risotto. (not much of his made it into his mouth) while I also fed him. He ate it with as much gusto usually reserved for his absolute favorite dish, good old Spag Bol!
Yummy Yummy

I made myself a grown-up version of this, in a separate pot. I added some chopped bacon with the onion, and some white wine, just before the first spoonful of stock is added.
Delicious, if I do say so myself ;)

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