10 June 2012

Beach babies

Well yesterday, Hugo and I had a very busy day on the beach with friends. I say busy because it's rather impossible to relax and read a book on the beach when you are sharing it with 4 babies/toddlers!
Living on a beautiful island, a stone's throw away from not one but two gorgeous beaches, we tend to spend a lot of our Summer's on the sand and in the sea. Hugo and I, together with our friends Clare, with her 14 month old daughter Isabella, and Nathalie, with her twin girls Flora and Skye, make up our regular beach team... and do we cause quite a stir on the beaches?!  Not from the sight of us 3 'yummy mummies' in our bikinis, but more the shear craziness that is 3 women with 4 babies, under the age of 2, in a scenario involving sea, sand and more often than not a few glasses of cava!
Hugo loves nothing better than making a beeline for the sea from the minute he puts foot on the beach, so I spend my time either chasing after him down the beach, or in the sea with him.

On our beach days, I take a packed lunch for Hugo. Clare and Nathalie usually do the same, and our 4 little rug rats share whatever we have between us. So the beach baby picnic yesterday included some kiwi fruit, bite size cheese portions, avocado with cottage cheese, yogurt and fresh bread. The 3 Mummies were treated to lunch, thanks to Clare's lovely hubby who joined us, at the Chiringito (local beach restaurant) rather, for some cold cava ( Spanish sparkling wine) , salads and burgers.

Just another day in paradise! :)

 My little beach boy

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