19 July 2012

Dance like nobody is watching...

Hugo loves music. From around 4 months old, I started to take him to mum and baby groups on the island aptly called 'Baby Rockers' and 'Baby Boogies'. Mainly so that I would be able to meet like minded Mums with babies around the same age as Hugo.
Hugo loved these groups, especially 'Baby Boogies' where the lovely leader, Faye, would very passionately go through her repertoire of nursery rhymes and the babies would bounce on Pilates balls and clap their hands excitedly.

When we were in South Africa at the beginning of the year, we bought Hugo a mini djembe drum at Green Market Square in Cape Town, a toy that still remains one of his firm favourites, and he quickly learnt how to 'drum'.  We'll have him down at Benirras Beach in a drumming circle soon!

More recently, Hugo has started to dance (or jump up and down and wiggle his hips) when any music is playing!
And so today, when Hugo somehow managed to find the tv and dvd remotes from their hiding places, and switch on the dvd player(another of his favourite tricks) and out of the speakers came a very loud Jessie J singing 'It's Not About the Money, Money,Money...'
 Hugo and I had our very first, impromptu dance session!...   And boy did we have fun! 

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