2 August 2012

Mmmm.... Yummy Finger Foods

Continuing with the Finger Foods theme, here are some easy finger foods that I have tried with Hugo over the past week... They are great for lunch, supper or snack times.

Oven baked Sweet Root Vegetable Fries 

Slice root vegetables such as sweet potato, regular potato, carrots into thick fries and coat with a little olive oil. Season with salt and pepper and bake in the oven (approx. 200 degrees C) for 20 minutes or until they are crispy.


Wraps are so easy to make and you can use so many different fillings....

Here I used lean turkey breast, baby spinach and cheese. Some other options are smoked salmon and cream cheese, tuna and avocado or peanut butter and jam.

Caprese Skewers

Hugo loves to eat off a stick! I have no idea why but no matter what  I put on to a skewer, he eats it...
I got the idea for these mini Caprese skewers at Atzaro Beach restaurant where they served them as an aperitivo and Hugo just loves them...
So simple - cherry tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella balls and basil leaves onto a skewer!
Other great food-on-a-stick ideas are cheese and pineapple, tropical fruit skewers or roast vegetable skewers on the barbecue.

Pan Grilled Salmon Fingers
My hubby made this yummy pan grilled salmon for Hugo's lunch yesterday... just simple salmon fillets grilled in a non-stick griddle pan until cooked through and crispy on the outside. It was so good, I had the exact same thing! I'm sure I don't need to go on about the benefits of salmon, not only for children but for adults too, but if you don't know here it is Benefits of salmon. I try to give Hugo a portion of salmon at least once a week.

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