1 August 2012

Finger Foods for Breakfast

My close friend Kelly, who lives in the Cayman Islands, asked me for a few ideas for Breakfast finger foods to give to her 13 month old son Huxley...
Huxley and Hugo both love feeding themselves, and I find that self-feeding with their fingers is a lot more productive (and less messy) than with a spoon.
Being able to feel and hold food with different textures is also vital for good development.

Here are some Breakfast related finger food ideas that I have tried with Hugo -

Mini Banana Pancakes:
Add slices of banana to pancake batter when  you fry the pancakes.
Top with fruit such as strawberries, raspberries or passion fruit.
Mini Banana Pancakes

Egg Omelette:
Add cheese, mushrooms, tomato or whatever you please...
Slice the omelette into 'fingers' so that your toddler can eat it easily with his hands

French Toast:
Dip bread into a beaten egg and full cream milk mixture, sprinkle with cinnamon and fry in a non-stick pan.
Cut the bread into 'fingers' or use a cookie cutter and cut into a fun shape. Pour over maple or golden syrup and top with fresh berries, pear or apple.
Can also serve with a side of crispy bacon.

Toast with Nutella:
Hugo loves this breakfast treat (and so does his Papa!)
Toast a slice of wholewheat bread, spread with Nutella Chocolate spread and top with fresh seasonal berries or banana

Breakfast Muffins:
Muffins can be very healthy if they are homemade and do not contain too much sugar. They are a very easy finger food breakfast or an on-the-go snack

 Healthy Breakfast Muffins recipe - Recipes - BBC Good Food

If you have any other yummy breakfast finger food ideas, please share! 

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