8 June 2012

Basic Pea Risotto

This is what Hugo had for lunch yesterday....

My friend, Clare, gave me the idea to make a baby-friendly risotto for Hugo (So no wine then! ). It is a favorite with her 14 month old daughter Isabella.

On Sunday, I made up a big pot of homemade chicken stock. I made a clear chicken broth with some and refridgerated the rest, which I heated up in a pan to use for this recipe. 
I sautéed some celery in some butter until soft and then added a cup of arborio rice and gently fried. To the rice, I ladelled some of the stock and stirred until the rice had absorbed all the stock. I continued to do this until I had about enough to make 2 more ladelfulls of stock. I added some frozen peas to the stock to gently simmer and then continued to add the last 2 ladels of stock, with the peas.
Once all the stock was absorbed, and the rice had softened but still had a bite to it, I took it off the heat, and added a knob of butter and a generous grating of fresh parmesan cheese.
Voila! Baby friendly Pea and Parmesan Risotto...
It was so delicious, that both Hugo and I ate it for lunch! I even got Hugo to eat a few peas! (not his favorite I'm afraid)

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