21 July 2012

Meal Time Struggles

As with most babies and toddlers I'm sure, when it comes to eating, Hugo has his moments...
There are times when meal times are a dream and, no matter what I give him, he eats with gusto and practically licks his bowl! And then there are the not such fun times... usually when he is slightly under the weather, his teeth are bothering him or who knows what? It really is a guessing game sometimes!

Tonight was on of the not-so-good times... and its time like this that really try your patience.

Hugo has been suffering with constipation lately. When he tries to have a poo, it is really painful, his body tenses and he cries with the pain. It too terrible to watch and, not only upsetting for Hugo, but also for myself and his dad.
His pediatrician says that he is not getting enough fibre in his diet, so I have been doing my damnedest to research and give him foods rich in natural fibre! Easier said than done when it comes to a toddler that is determined to self-feed! You can lead the horse to water...but you cannot make it drink!
I can give Hugo a plate full of varied and nutritious foods but I cannot force him to eat them all!
Tonight I made him a dish with lentils, peas, bacon and feta. Lentils are a great source of natural fibre. He also had some roast chicken breast, corn on the cob(another source of fibre) and raspberries for dessert.
He was most  interested in the chicken and the raspberries! I originally gave him the corn 'off the cob' but he wasn't interested, so I gave him a small corn 'on the cob' and proceeded to show him how to eat it...
well, after I had shown him, I gave him his corn on the cob and what did he do?
He threw it at me and then started laughing out loud!!!
I had to get up from the table and walk away so that he wouldn't see me laughing too!
Its difficult not to see the funny side in it too, but I'm also trying to instill some table manners here at the same time! 
Hugo gets loads of fresh fruit in his diet, and he loves fruits like kiwi, strawberries and his latest craze is for raspberries.  He drinks loads of water - one of his many 'sippee-cups' are always on hand and he has recently learnt to drink thru a straw and I always have a plastic cup filled with water and a straw available for him when we are at home, which he loves as its such a novelty and I always encourage him with his 'big boy' drinking cup.
Generally, at all meal times, Hugo has a protein, in the form of meat, fish or veg protein, and fresh fruit and vegetables. But, with him feeding himself now, it's pretty difficult to establish just how much, and of what, he is eating?
Does he just have a sensitive stomach? Or is it time to move him on from his formula to full fat cows milk?

One things for sure... being a parent does not mean you have all the answers!

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