1 September 2012

How To Make Your Food Taste Awesome

I stumbled upon this page on StumbleUpon :)
How 'Stumbling' works... You give details of your interests  (sports, kids stuff, animals etc.)  and every time you click the 'Stumble' button, you are introduced to new and exciting sites, blogs and pages related to your interests. 

So anyway... I 'Stumbled' onto this page 'How to Make Your Food Taste Awesome'...
And found some great inspiration, as well as some gorgeous food pics.

Here's a little taster...
Cannot wait to make these!

And here's two more... (I couldn't resist!) 

Hugo will LOVE these!
We've been eating watermelon ALL Summer - have to try this!

Now go and StumbleUpon the rest....

PS. Thanks Leda for the tip!

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