22 August 2012

Hugo's Granny is here...

I've been soooo slack lately with my blogging, but our house has been crazy with visitors this month.
Among the many visitors that we have here, is a super special one... Hugo's Granny from South Africa!

There is something so very special about the relationship that a child has with their Grandmother. 
I was lucky enough to live next door to my maternal Granny for the first 7 years of my life and she played such an important role in these formative years (I certainly inherited my love of food, and of feeding others, from her).
Even though my 'Granny Joey' has been gone for over 25 years now, I still think of her all the time and remember, with such detail, the cherished moments that we had together.

Hugo's Granny may live on a totally different continent, several thousand miles away from him, but this doesn't hinder his relationship with her at all. Thanks to social networking and daily Skype conversations over breakfast, Granny P is kept up-to-date with all of Hugo's day -to-day comings and goings.
When we met her at Arrivals, at Ibiza Airport last week, Hugo knew exactly who this friendly lady was, even though he hadn't seen her in person in almost 5 months. He just seemed a bit confused as to why she was there in 3D and not on the iPad screen as normal.

It took less than 24 hours for Hugo to have his Granny wrapped around his little finger. He follows her everywhere and has recently learned to lift his arms and say 'Uppy' when he wants her to pick him up.
He can know longer hold his bottle of milk on his own (something that he's been able to do since he was about 7 months old) and will only drink from it if lying on his Granny's lap, while she holds it, and he twirls his hair between his fingers!
Granny's handbag holds a never ending supply of (usually banned) treats for Hugo and he cannot believe his luck that his Granny will 'share' her coca-cola with him, and give him a few sips. In fact, Granny will share just about anything that she eats or drinks with her little adoring shadow... her morning toast, or afternoon biscuit, her lunchtime sandwich... everything that Granny eats seems much more yummy than anything that I put on his plate. And of course, Granny's cooking is far better than Mummy's!
In the car, Granny sits in the back seat next to Hugo and feeds him treats, like he is a little Greek God... Mummy is just the chauffeur!

Granny P is here with us for 18 days... I believe it takes 21 days in order to form a habit... Let's hope Hugo does not get used to all this spoiling...
But then, that's what Grannies are for, I suppose.

sharing Granny's Coke
And some toast

Granny holds my 'botty' for me

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