30 August 2012

Granny Pam's Lasagne

There really is little in this world that tastes as good as a Mother's home cooking. Those certain dishes that, at the simple thought of them, get your mouth watering, fill your mind with nostalgic childhood memories and your tummy with a warm, fuzzy feeling. True comfort food can only be made at the hand of a Mother.

When my Mum comes to visit us, there is always a list of meals that she is obliged to make for us, and one of these is her super yummy lasagne.
There's something about her lasagne that makes it soooo delicious. It has just the right amount of bechamel sauce to ensure that it is not dry but at the same time not overly rich and creamy. It is neither too cheesy nor is it too tomato-ey! The layers are perfectly balanced. But, no matter how many times I have tried to re-create it, I just cannot get it right. And no restaurant, (not even those that I have tried in Italy) has ever come close to my Mamma's lasagne!

And so my Mum (a.k.a Hugo's Granny) was put to task and made a beautiful lasagne, large enough to feed all our guests and provide us with some day-after left overs...

Hugo, together with Xavier (my friend's 8 year old son), were the first to sample it and, boy did it go down a treat with both of them! Xav had 2 large plates and Hugo's little mouth could not open any wider, and his Granny could not get the spoonfuls in fast enough!

Now, Granny has left us and the lasagne is all gone... :(

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