17 July 2012

Hugo's 1st Birthday Circus Party

 I wanted Hugo's 1st Birthday Party to be a bright, fun visual feast as I felt this would be the best way for him to understand that it wasn't just a normal day at our house, with some friends and a barbecue... This was a PARTY and a special occasion, just for him. I needn't have worried, he clearly takes after his parents, and loves to socialize and have fun. As soon as the balloons were out, Hugo's excitement levels rose and it was almost as if he knew exactly what was install...
As for the hubby and I, we really wanted to celebrate Hugo's 1st year as well as our 1st year as parents! It's been a year filled with many emotions, new and strange adventures and mostly mind-boggling, unconditional love, that only a first-time parent can really begin to appreciate, and to understand.

The Cake Table
Clown Face Cupcakes
Birthday Cake

Kiddies Table
As usual, I had help from all corners. My friend Greg came round on Saturday and we baked... and baked... and baked! He was in charge of the birthday cake and I think he did a fantastic job. My sweetheart friends, Marts and Candice, in the UK sent me all the cake decorating paraphanelia and decorations that I requested (serious limitations in that department on our lovely island I'm afraid). And I stumbled  upon a treasure trove party fiesta shop in Barcelona on our 1 night there en route to France, where I stocked up on paper serviettes, plates, table cloths, balloons etc
My printables were bought online (including a gorgeous invitation) on etsy at Dimpleprints.

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