29 June 2012

The Sweet Debate

We were invited for supper at our lovely neighbors last night. For dessert, we had yummy mini Magnum ice-creams. Hugo and I shared one, and it sparked a discussion about sweets, and whether or not children should be allowed to have them. I feel quite strongly that children should be free to explore and taste as many different food groups, tastes and textures in their early formative years, in order to have a good all-round, balanced diet and a healthy approach to eating in their later years. If you deprive a child of one food group, this will only leave them wanting... surely?
Don't get me wrong, Sweets, chocolates, crisps and other 'junk food' is not a part of Hugo's daily diet. But, I cannot justify myself sitting at a table, with 6 other adults, all eating our delicious dark chocolate ice-creams and not letting my sweet baby boy, who is looking on, at least sample the delicious feast. And what a feast and delight it was for him! The look on his face when he bit through the hard chocolate layer and discovered the cold vanilla ice-cream was priceless! He ended up with chocolate everywhere but oh did he have such fun... and that's what its all about, isn't it? FUN!

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