8 September 2012

It's been a week of Bento Box Lunches

This week has been all about the Bento Box for us...
We've been busy, busy bees this week so a packed lunch box has been ideal...
I love the variety in this Japenese inspired lunch box. And Hugo's new Bear Bento Box has 2 tiers so, it's nice and compact (fits perfectly in Hugo's small cooler bag) and it holds a good amount of his goodies. 

Not sure who has more fun with these lunches, Hugo or I?
Carrot sticks, Broccoli, Cucumber sticks, Nutella and strawberry wraps, raspberries and a green fig

Turkey ham, cream cheese and baby spinach wraps, dried fruit square treats

Thanks to Leda and Xavier for Hugo's great Bear Bento!

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