6 September 2012

A Bento Lunch Box For Hugo

My first attempt at a Bento Lunch Box for Hugo!...

I didn't have too many tools so I just winged it with what I had in the kitchen... I'm rather chuffed with the end result, and so was Hugo.
I was interested to see his reaction to it. I originally thought that he would be a bit too young to appreciate it, but was proved wrong. When I put it in front of him, he let out a little whoop of excitement!

Hugo's Bento Box included- 
Dinosaur sandwich with Marmite
Homemade trail mix 
Turkey Ham 'ribbons' and 'H' cutout English Cheddar
Carrot sticks and cucumber circles 
Kiwi-fruit stars and strawberry slices 

 Hugo went straight for the sandwich and the cheese. He also ate the turkey ham and some cucumber and carrot. I saved the fruit and trailmix for him to have later, as his afternoon snack.
I didn't have any shaped cookie cutters so, for the stars, I printed a stencil  (found on the net) and cut it out with a sharp knife. Luckily the letter H for Hugo is an easy letter to do by hand too.

I had so much fun putting this together and it was so easy to do.
Now I'm off to the shops to find some interesting shape cutters and lunch boxes!

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